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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Jasper Carrott - There's Only One Jasper Carrott

As British Comedy goes there are so many famous comics to know, Sellers, Cleese, Milligan, Hanncock, Morecombe and Wise, Barker and Sykes...but there is only one Jasper Carrott.
I first heard of Jasper Carrott when an Aunt of mine brought me "Carrott in Notts" for Christmas in the 70's and ever since then I was hooked on one of Birmingham's finest comedians.

This is a short blog with clips and videos of Jasper at his finest and I hope it either brings Jasper to you for the first time or renews your memories of some of his great comedy work.

Jasper was actually born, Robert Norman Davis, Acocks Green, Birmingham, 14th March 1945.

One of Jaspers best known friends is Bev Bevan, drummer from the Move and ELO. I was once on my way to see Bev play at Wembley Arena when I saw Jasper walking along the road from Wembley Stadium to Wembley Arena. I said 'Are you off to see Bev?' he said 'Actually Birmingham City were playing at Wembley Stadium and I have just seen them play and now I am off to see Bev'.

I have seen Jasper Carrott live three times, once during his 'The Stun Tour', the filming of 'One Jasper Carrott' and also at a TV filming of 'Carrotts Commerical Breakdown'.

One of the weirdest things when I almost ended up on Jasper Carrotts "Carrots Del Sol" filmed in 1980 at Costa Del Sol, Spain. Jasper played 'Sago' and was accompanied during filming by Bev Bevan, who played a bit part during a football match with the Spanish waiters, and added comedy of Terry Mallow and Bernard Latham. It aired on LWT in January 1981. I was there all during filming and at the time I almost met two of my heroes Jasper and Bev.

In recent years Jasper has performed at his Annual 'Rock with Laughter' where he has performed alongside Lenny Henry, Jo Brand, Dame Edna, Sugarbabes, Alan Carr and many more.

As I say I first heard of Jasper Carrott from his 1976 album, "Carrott in Notts", but Jasper has released a total of 10 albums which are:

Rabbits On and On... (1975)
Carrott in Notts (1976)

A Pain in the Arm (1977)
The Best of Jasper Carrott (1978)
The Unrecorded Jasper Carrott (1979)
Beat the Carrott (1981)
The Best of Carrott's Lib (1982)
The Stun (Carrott Tells All) (1983)
Cosmic Carrott (1986)
The Dark side of The Carrott (2009)

Jasper has had a long TV career and it shows his different talents as comedian, host and actor. This is a list of Jaspers TV work:

A Half-Hour Mislaid With Jasper Carrott (BBC Midlands, 1976)
An Audience With Jasper Carrott (LWT, 1978)
The Unrecorded Jasper Carrott (LWT, 1979)

Carrott Gets Rowdie (LWT, 1980)
Carrott Del Sol (LWT, 1981)
Beat the Carrott (LWT, 1981)
Carrott's Lib (BBC, 1982–83)
American Carrott (Channel 4, 1985)
Cool it (Associate producer/co-writer) (1985–1986)
Stand-up America (Writer and presenter) (1987)
Carrott Confidential (BBC, 1987–1989)
Carrott's Commercial Breakdown (BBC, 1989)
24 Carrott Gold (BBC, 1990)
Canned Carrott (BBC, 1990–1992)
Carrott's Commercial Breakdown 2 (BBC, 1991)
One Jasper Carrott (BBC, 1992)
Carrott's Commercial Breakdown 3 (BBC, 1993)
The Detectives (Bob Louis) (BBC, 1993–1997)
Carrott-U-Like (BBC, 1994)
Carrott's Commercial Breakdown 4 (BBC, 1996)
The Jasper Carrott Trial (BBC, 1997)
Jasper Carrott - Back to the Front (BBC, 1999)
All About Me (Colin Craddock) (BBC, 2002–2004)
24 Carrott Gold - The Best of Jasper Carrott (BBC, 2004)
Golden Balls (Presenter) (ITV1, 2007–2009)

When it comes to films Jasper has had a shorter career but these are:

The Secret Policemans Other Ball (Performer) (1982)
Jane and the Lost City (Heinrich/Herman/Hans) (1987)

Bev and Jasper

Jasper top right and Bev bottom second from right

Bev and Jasper out on a round of golf


This blog is currently under construction so there is much more to come so stay tuned.